Face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Mesotherapy is allied to reduce symptoms of skin aging, skin sagging, skin thinning as well as wrinkles. The mixture of hyluronic acid and vitamins improves the skin condition. The regeneration of the skin is improved; it becomes tighter and more elastic. The effects will be visible from the first application. The face will be healthier and smiling. Little wrinkles vanish.

3 – 5 applications, repeated once per year.

Our Price: € 130.00

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aesthetic treatments

Face modeling with Sculptra poly-L-lactic acid®

Sculptra strengthens the connective tissue deep within the skin increasing the tension of the skin. It induces the reproduction of the body’s natural collagen.


Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

The smoothness and youthful freshness of the skin is mostly the work of hyaluronic acids. The most important function of this substance is to absorb and bind water


Lip volume and definition of the lip contour

Lips are special. A soft and smooth filler of hyaluronic acid increases the volume build up of the lips to underline and redefine the lip contour.